This week we welcomed JP back from Argentina. I had to steal and post this photo of him from his trip. It’s just perfect. As you can see he is definitely in his element!




We had six wines to choose from today:

  1. Consilience Chardonnay from Santa Barbara
  2. Sonoma-Loeb Chardonnay from Sangiacomo Vineyard, Sonoma, California
  3. Sonoma-Loeb Pinot Noir from Sonoma, California
  4. Frank Family Vineyards Petit Syrah from Napa Valley, California
  5. Core 2008 Mourvedre from Santa Barbara, California – a blend of primarily Mourvedre with a small amount of Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah
  6. Cantina di Sorbara Lambrusco from the Emilia-Romagna regionItaly

In order to reserve my tastes, I only did half a taste on #1 and #2.  They were both Chardonnays that did not have a lot of oak and were not much to my liking.  Bushmaster skipped over them completely.  While we both had full tastings of #3, neither one of us recalled much about it.  I guess we weren’t too impressed?  I really can’t say for certain.  Usually Petit Syrah is not one of our favorites, but #4 surprised us today.  It was very nice.  My favorite was #5 and I was happy to serve as Bushmaster’s “dump bucket” when it wasn’t to his liking.  By comparison, #6 seemed very sweet with a nice balance of effervescence.


Jamie treated us to one of her finds.  As evidenced by its name and the artwork on its label, Well Hung Winery from Charlottesville, Virginia presents itself to be a winery with a sense of humor and an element of fun.  With a slight bit of pepper taste, their Cabernet Franc was not as heavy as others we have tasted.  They do not yet have their own tasting room, however, their wines can be tasted at one of their partner sites at Honah Lee Vineyard, located near Gordonsville, Virginia.


After Party Town, we traveled over to Liquor City to continue samplings.  Both a white and a red were featured there:

  1. J Vineyards & Winery Pinot Gris from Healdsburg, California
  2. Talbott Kali Hart 2013 Pinot Noir from Monterey, California

#1 was a nice refreshing white wine that would be perfect on a hot day by the pool.  #2 being a red was smooth and tasty as well.


Our final taste of the day was Bad Ass from Big Ass Bourbon.  At 119.5 proof, it is a bit “badder” than than their regular version.  Aged less than a year, Bushmaster was not impressed and puzzled as to why it could still be classified as bourbon as we have always thought it needed be aged at least 2 years.  I found it to be smooth with a rather interesting sweet flavor.  I did a bit of research and contrary to what we thought, there is no minimum specified duration for its aging period.