It has been several years since we visited Elk Creek.  Our previous experience there, to put it nicely, had been less than stellar.  But now that they are under new ownership and with close friends recommending it after a recent visit, we decided to give them another try.


We are certainly glad we did!

Over hearing our conversation and following up on some of our questions, new owner, Barry Papina, provided us with some extra special treatment and gave us a glimpse of the direction Elk Creek is headed.


He grabbed a set of glasses and asked if he could borrow us.  How could we refuse?  He led us to the heart of his operations and two of his nearly ready to bottle wines — Norton and Niagara.


Pouring straight from the tanks, I was treated to three glasses of one of my favorites, Norton.  I cannot wait until this is bottled and ready for purchase.

Full glasses of Niagara followed and it too was spectacular.  We were really thrilled that it bore a very similar taste to the Niagara we made last year.  Evidently we are doing something right!

Barry did inherit a considerable amount of finished wine with the purchase of the winery. Some he has no idea exactly what it is.  Our recommendation is to taste and see if there is something to your liking.  The future looks bright and up and coming are some really nice and very much improved wine offerings.

We can’t wait to go back!