Easley Winery was the first stop on our Saturday adventure. Earlier in the week we had received notification that Easley was phasing out the wine making supply aspect of their business and were clearing out their remaining out at 50% off. We reserved three 6 gallon carboys and a few other items for pick up.

While there, of course we had to do a tasting!

Easley has a number of wines they offer and there is something for every taste. Here’s what we sampled:

  • 2015 Chardonnay – aged in stainless. Neither of us are really Chardonnay fans so this was one we could resist.
  • 2013 Chambourcin – one of my favorites. Definitely my choice for this tasting. We bought two bottles.
  • 2012 Cabernet Franc – a very nice wine, but today it came in second to the Chambourcin.
  • I Think Red Blend – fruit forward and smooth, we both agreed this was a nice offering.
  • 2015 Riesling – a sweeter style Riesling. Very refreshing.
  • Pink Catawba – this one came off rather “grapey”.
  • Sweet Tulip Moscato – a very sweet Moscato.
  • Sweet Tulip Red – a bit more appealing that the Moscato but still very sweet.
  • Sweet Barrel White – a blend of Cayuga and Traminette. This wine got Bushmaster’s vote for his favorite so we had to buy a bottle.
  • Reggae Sangria – nice for a premade sangria and sort of a “bubble gum” flavor in the finish.

Having finished our tastes from the preselected list, we had questions about some of the other Easley wines. Our hostess, Jess, guided us to the front tasting counter to see what other wines were open and available for tasting, so as a bonus, we got to sample:

  • Traminette – milder in the nose, this wine offered huge flavor.
  • Kauffman’s – served chilled, this secret blend was very refreshing. Our guesses on the grapes were Catawba and Concord.
  • 2014 Oaked Chardonnay – very oaky, but even with my love of wood, it wasn’t enough to redeem this Chardonnay.
  • Jubilee Cranberry – a very tart cranberry.
  • Jubilee Blueberry – good flavor. We’ve found that blueberry is a difficult fruit to work with.


Having loaded up our wine selections and supply purchases, we were on our way to our next stop. Where were we headed? Come back for our next posting and find out!