Stop number two on our Saturday adventure was Chateau Thomas.  This was a new winery for us with lots of wines to choose from.  Tastings are $5.00 for five samples, but additional selections can be added for $1.00 each or $2.00  each for a dessert wine.  Between the two of us, we tried 18 different wines!

While we make our own selections, we also share tastes.  Here is what I chose:

  • Old Vine Carignane – Bushmaster found this dry red to be a bit harsh.  This grape is usually used in red blends.
  • Scott’s Red – A blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Zinfandel I found this wine to have a very raisiny flavor.
  • Malbec – Not a bad wine, but nothing that really stood out.
  • 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon – One of my favorite at this tasting.
  • Teroldego – A new grape variety to us from Trentino, Italy, this was very oaky and smooth.  I loved it!
  • Cabernet Franc – Another one of my favorites from this tasting.
  • Gewuztraminer – As Bushmaster remarked, “A typical Gewurztraminer.”

We then moved on to Bushmaster’s selections:

  • Riesling – Sweet with a bit of spice.  Bushmaster said this reminded him of a mulled wine.
  • Peach Chardonnay – Having made a Peach Niagara ourselves, this one was very intriguing so we had to try it.  It was very peachy and nice.  We were quite surprised and pleased with how well the Peach worked with the Chardonnay.
  • Fleur d’Peche – This was a light honey wine.
  • Blackberry Merlot – A very nice blend.  The blackberry came through quite nicely.  Neither the Blackberry nor the Merlot overwhelmed each other.
  • Sweet AB Ultra – Another one of our favorites from this tasting, this was an unusual sweet wine somewhat reminiscent of a Port style wine.
  • Vintage Port – Sweet AB Ultra stole this wine’s thunder.  It just was not enough Port for us.
  • 2016 Nectar des Dieux – A very sweet wine, this was a true ice wine, very thick and syrupy.

Even with all that we’d already tasted, there were a few that were still calling to us so we added them to our list:

  • Tosca – A bland of Cabernet Sauvignon and Sangiovese, I liked this one quite a lot.
  • Sangiovese – I found I preferred the Tosca over the straight Sangiovese.
  • 2013 Tempranillo – This was a lighter version of other Tempranillos I have tasted.
  • Strawberry Blush – The description of this wine included “Candied Strawberry highlights” and that held true.  We both found it had a very artificial strawberry candy flavor.


Although we did not sample them, of note was Chateau Thomas’ line of Slender Wines.  This was a line of sweet wines — red, white, and blush — with zero sugar.  We were intrigued, but when our hostess commented that she would rather drink iced tea than these wines, we decided we didn’t want to pay to taste them.  Of course, I’m always much happier with a dry red, so they weren’t terribly hard to resist, but I mention them here as I know there are others who may want to explore this option.

Chateau Thomas also offers a number of wine related gift items, snacks and cheeses.  It was here we discovered Jim’s Cheese and his amazing White Cheddar Cheese Curds.  They were the perfect accompaniment to our tasting!

And then we were off again.  Come back to find out where we traveled for stop number three!