Next on our list was Chateau de Pique, a winery we had experienced at the Vintage Indiana wine festival two years earlier.  Once again, it was a nice opportunity to select wines from their full product line.

For my tasting selections, I chose:

  • Traminette – A dry version of the Indiana state grape and nicely done.  Not overly floral so it was similar to a Gewurtraminer.
  • 2011 Cabernet Franc – One of my favoites, this was a wonderful dry red.
  • Estate Chambourcin – Of course I loved their Chambourcin.
  • Hoosier Red – This heavily oaked version of Chambourcin took the prize as my favorite wine at Chateau de Pique.
  • Pilot’s Persimmon – This unusual wine was the one that we fondly remembered from our experience in 2014.  We were excited to try it again.

Bushmaster’s list included:

  • Late Harvest Riesling – Another nice Riesling.
  • Peach Bum – Made from a Peach infused Riesling, its yeastly flavor reminded us very much of our own Peach wine.
  • Runway Rhubarb – This was yet another Rhubarb we tried this day hoping to find the flavor we remember from prior wine festivals.
  • Fifty Shades of Red – Who could resist a wine that bears this name?  It was a blend of Steuben and Vignoles with the Steuben flavor winning out over the Vignoles.
  • 2012 Vignoles – We detected quite a bit of acid in this tangy wine.

As with other wineries, the more we talked with our hostess, the more we felt we needed to try a couple more of their other offerings.

  • Golden Eagle Gooseberry – While we were not sure what Gooseberry was supposed to taste like, I really enjoyed this unusual wine.  I picked up a hint of a rye bread flavor.  While not appealing to Bushmaster, my German side appreciated it very much.
  • Tailwind White – A blend of Niagara and Chardonnel, this wine reminded us more of a Traminette with hints of honey.

All in all a great tasting in a charming little tasting room.  We decided to put off purchases until the August Swiss Wine Festival as we are currently well stocked with white and fruit wines.  I have since discovered that was a mistake as at the time I had gotten mixed up on which wine festival they in which they would be participating.  Oh well!  We are always up for a road trip!

On to dinner!