Our final stop on our trip was Buck Creek Winery.  In our attempts to capture photos of the winery, we photographed each other!


Our stop here was a revisit.  We had been here in the fall and have experienced Buck Creek wines at the annual Swiss Wine Festivals.

We tried the following:

  • Zinfandel – Not surprisingly, one of my favorites.
  • “Gold Label” Cabernet Sauvignon – Another very nice red.
  • Grady’s Hard Cider – We tried this one as a recommendation.
  • Marechal Foch – Fruity and smooth, this was one of Bushmaster’s favorites.
  • Der Champion – Riesling.
  • Sunset Blush – Making our favorites list, this wine was a Catawba with a lot of flavor and very fragrant like a Traminette.
  • Razzle Dazzle – An Apple and Raspberry blend, more Apple than Raspberry.
  • Road House White – Niagara.
  • Alley Cat – Cranberry and Strawberry.
  • Pleasant View Pink – 100% Strawberry, there’s no doubt that this is a Strawberry wine.  Great nose and great taste.
  • Rhubarb – The best Rhubarb we tasted this day.
  • Cranberry Crush – 100% Cranberry.
  • Blackberry – Very sweet and jammy.
  • Pfendler Farm Red – A Port style wine made from Zinfandel and Frontenac.

As our sixth and final stop, Buck Creek rounded out our Saturday excursion.  They had live music out on the lawn, but we never made it past the tasting room.  More enjoyable wines, we are looking forward to seeing them again in August at the Swiss Wine Festival.