We arrived in Traverse City near evening and settled into the hotel.  The night was still young and we were anxious to enjoy the city.  I made some phone calls and found some microbreweries that would still be open into the evening.


The Acoustic Tap Room appealed to everyone.  Well everyone except our underage son. Having gone over 24 hours without internet gaming, he was quite happy to hang out in the hotel room and make up for lost time.


The Acoustic Tap Room was an adorable little place with lots of charm.  There were lava lamps in the windows and picnic tables outside.  The decor was colorful and fun.


The bathroom had its own version of fun.  Post-it note graffiti was encouraged and Post-its covered the walls.  We each added our own messages to the hundreds already on display.


The tasting list was extensive and each option was more intriguing than the last so we knew we had to try them all.


We ordered two flights to cover them all.  The pours were generous so there was plenty for the three of us to sample and enjoy.

StrawBeRi Rose BzZz was a clear favorite and we selected a number of bottles to take home with us.  My absolute favorite was Calypso.  It turned out the Calypso was also the favorite of quite a number of people.  So much so that they were not able to keep up with bottling it so it was currently only offered on tap.  A growler wasn’t practical so I had to suffer by enjoying another full pour of this wonder.  We rounded out our purchases with the addition of bottles of BlueZBeRi BzZz and JazZzBeRi BzZz which we hadn’t been able to try but was a blend of raspberry and cranberry we did not want to miss.

While sitting there and savoring our experience, as is typical of us, we struck up conversation with those who were there.  Our bubbly hostess was just as sweet and helpful as she could be.  We were given great recommendations of places not to miss while we were visiting.  One of the locals with whom we visited extensively and with whom we shared an uncanny number of interesting coincidences not just wine related topics, turned out to be the wine maker at Bonobo Winery on Old Mission Peninsula.  One of the newer wineries, Bonobo was not yet listed on the Old Mission Peninsula trail map we had.  Of course we added it to our list!  Josh gave us his number and told us to text him when we were headed his way for a personalized tasting.

The Acoustic Taproom turned out to such a fantastic choice for our first Traverse City experience.  It is truly a Traverse City gem.  Their mead was exceptional and the ambience of their taproom was unbeatable.  Acoustic Draft Mead is served in a number of establishments all over Michigan.  We highly recommend checking them out.  Guit’ BzZz’d!