It had been a year, so it was time for a return visit to Harmony Hill Vineyards.  Listed in the American Winery Guide’s Most Dog Friendly Wineries, we knew it was just the right destination for a family road trip with our furry kids.


We loaded all the Classy Canines into the car and we were off.


After the boys had been greeted with pets and snuggles in the tasting room, we found a spot out on the large covered patio to enjoy the summer breeze and the musical entertainment.


As a result of the Polar Vortex that came through the area two winters ago and devasted many of the vines in the area, their tasting list was much smaller than before but their wines were just as good as we’d remembered.


The 2012 Rubato was our selection for the evening.  Chambourcin was one of the varietals they lost so we knew that this would be treat we would probably not be able to get again. The 2014 Berry Suite was our favorite of the dessert wines but it was a little too sweet and heavy for the warm summer evening. Christmas and cheese cake came to mind with that one.

We settled in with our wine and snacks for a nice relaxing evening with the kids.


Snickerdoodle, our white wine spokesdog considers himself to be a people.


“Road trips are so much fun!  I love you!”

20160806_175956-just brody

Here’s Brody, our handsome red wine spokesdog.


Peanut, our fruit wine spokesdog, decided he wanted to sit in a chair too.


“Oh gawd, Dad!  You’re embarassing me!”



After being asked to take a few group photos of some other patrons, they returned the favor by taking some of us.

It was another fun evening at a wonderful winery!