To quote our wine tasting friend, Cindy, “It’s an emergency wine tasting.” With only one day’s notice, it was another bonus Tuesday night tasting at Party Town. Kurt Seipel was there to introduce some new releases from Marietta Cellars in Geyserville, California.

All reds, we sampled from:

  • Old Vine Red, Lot Number 64 – Zinfandel
  • Arme, Lot Number 2 – Bordeaux blend of Cabernet Sauvingon, Merlot, Petit Verdon, and Malbec
  • Christo, Lot Number 3 – a blend of Syrah, Petit Sirah, Grenach, and Viognier

They were all very enjoyable reds so it was easy to use up all my samples. Bushmaster was working, so as usual with Tuesdays, I was solo. After going back and forth revisiting the reds, I determined that Christo was my favorite. Several others agreed.

We were also treated to a sweet white wine called Brice’s Creek from Duplin Wine Cellars in Rose Hill, North Carolina. Being familiar with Duplin, I knew it would be a Muscadine.

Bushmaster and I discovered Muscadine several years ago on a trip through North Carolina. With its very distinctive and unusual flavor, we became enamored with it. However, a case or so later, we were pretty burned out on it. Add to that a trip of mine to Georgia where my daughter and I purchased a number of Muscadines from Meinhardt Vineyards just to get the bottles with beautiful Savannah artwork on the labels. After the third bottle we’d had our fill of Muscadine for a long while.

Brice’s Creek was a Muscadine and Niagara blend. This was something very different so I was quite interested in seeing how the flavors blended together. Duplin has definitely hit on something here! It was very flavorful but not so overwhelming with the Muscadine. I purchased a bottle and I am very anxious to see what Bushmaster and Aary have to think about it. It turns out that Party Town has had this on their shelves for some time now. I guess I hadn’t taken notice before we hadn’t been in the market for more Muscadine. It makes me curious to see what other blends Duplin may have tried. It’s time to reconsider and revisit Muscadine more closely.  Tasting party anyone?