Our blog now returns to Michigan to continue on with our Traverse City trip adventures. It was a new day and another peninsula awaited exploration. Our first stop on the Leelanau Peninsula was Longview Winery.

They had a cute little tasting room and we enjoyed visiting with the owner/wine maker and getting tips for processing our own cherry wine.

From their list we sampled:

  • 2012 Pino Grigio
  • Corta Vista White – a white blend of Cayuga, Seyval, and Chablis
  • 2012 Semi-Dry Riesling
  • 2013 Sweet Riesling
  • Corta Vista Rose – semi sweet Cayuga
  • 2015 Cherry Mead
  • 2013 Cherry Wine
  • 2014 Pinot Noir
  • Corta Vista Red – a red blend of Frontenac and Merlot
  • Cherry Portside – a port style cherry aged in Oak barrels

Bushmaster and I were both on the same page here with declaring the Cherry Wine and the Cherry Portside as our favorites. Aary’s favorites included the Corta Vista White, Semi-Dry Riesling, as well as the Cherry Portside.