Chateau de Leelanau shared a building with 22 Wines and Vines which featured Asian cuisine and artisan pizzas.  Aary opted to sit the next two wineries out for some pizza and bonding time with Abree.


We were disappointed that they were out of several of the reds we had hoped to try.  We sampled all of the remaining wines on their tasting list.  The sweet wines appealed to Bushmaster.  Their Cherry Wine was especially intriguing with its hint of spice.


In our conversation with our host, Matt, we learned that it was his family’s farm from which the cherries came to produce Cherry Bay Orchards Cherry Concentrate.  We had seen the product at a market a couple days earlier and had debated about whether or not we should get some to produce our own cherry wine.  Suffice it to say, our experience at Chateau de Leelanau tipped the scales.  Classy Canine Wines will be adding cherry wine to its production list!