A wrong turn resulted in an opportunity to stop at Jungle Jim’s.  So that’s where we ended up for wine tasting this past Saturday.  Abree was with us, and much to his delight, in Ohio, the rules are a bit less strict so we were able to share our samples with him.


After our trip to France, we’re always up for sampling a Bordeaux.  This one wasn’t bad, but we felt the the ones we had found at CostCo were better.


Garnacha de Fuego was a surprise in that it was very fruit forward with hardly any fire. Bushmaster had avoided this one just because of the label but he was glad I had decided to give it a try.


A very nice dry red, Buck Shack was my favorite.  Of course I managed to pick out the most expensive wine of those that we sampled!


The softer style of High Definition Sweet Red made it a big hit with both Bushmaster and Abree.


Done in the Spaetlese style, I couldn’t resist trying this German white.  The flavor was very unusual and very pleasing.  Abree agreed that this one was a must have.

Jungle Jim’s is always full of surprises.  A stop there is never complete without visiting their wine shop.  We found Drops of Jupiter on sale for $7.99 and a couple of other interesting sale wines for $3.99 and $4.99.  They offer a 10% discount on mixed cases, so it didn’t take us long to fill one out with our selections.  We’ll be reporting on our new “mystery” wines as we try them, so stay tuned!