It was another Tuesday tasting!  We were joined by representative Doug McDonald from the Republic National Distributing Company who presented us with the full line of Prophecy Wines.  Prophecy prides itself in sourcing grapes from the premier growing regions around the world to showcase the unique characteristics of each grape.

  1. 2014 Pinot Grigio – grapes sourced from the delle Venezie regionin Italy
  2. 2015 Sauvignon Blanc – grapes sourced from the Marlborough region in New Zealand
  3. 2014 Pinot Noir – grapes sourced from California
  4. 2014 Red Blend – grapes sourced from California and Washington state

At first taste, I wasn’t a fan of either white, but the more I drank the better I liked them. Grapefruit was quite apparent in the nose of the Sauvignon Blanc with a clear grapefruit flavor to follow and was a real treat for grapefruit lovers.  The Pinot Noir was fruit forward, smooth, and very enjoyable.  The Red Blend, while decent in flavor, did not hold up to the Pinot Noir.  It was the general consensus of those attending that the Pinot Noir was the favorite of the evening.

With a price point of $9.99 each, you really couldn’t go wrong with any of these wines.

The artwork on the labels was gorgeous too!