While I’ve been missing in action on our blog, rest assured we have not been missing winery visits and tastings!  Now that I’m back, I’ve got plenty to catch you all up on!


September 24th began as a day trip adventure.  I had some merchandise to pick up from out of town and the location happened to be within 10 miles of Elk Creek Vineyards.  After the great time we had in the spring with wine maker Barry Papina, we were looking forward to another visit.


Unfortunately Barry wasn’t in, but we enjoyed another tasting including their special Halloween offerings of Ghostly White and Bone Dry Red.

We also got to resample their now bottled Niagara and Norton that we had tried straight from the tanks in the spring.  The Niagara held up quite nicely and was very much like the earlier samples.  However, I was disappointed in the Norton.  It was no longer the full bodied dry red which I had been looking forward to.  We were told that it had been sweetened to appeal to a wider market.  It saddened me that I would not be coming home with the bottles I had hoped to purchase.


While we were tasting, Bushmaster commented that he wondered what Chambourcin grapes tasted like right from the vine.  Having overhead him, our server granted his wish by setting a huge bucket of Chambourcin grapes in front of us.  What a treat!  We were both surprised how sweet they were and so delicious.  We were also amazed at how differently the finished wine product came out as compared to the original grape flavor.  We now have a new mission — taste all the wine grapes before fermentation.  I’m not sure I’ll ever eat another table grape again!