After purchasing any number of goodies from Findlay Market, we then headed to Vom Fass.  We had heard of Vom Fass from our friends Kitty and Phillip.  We were drawn there by the wine and spirits for us, and the olive oils for our son.

“Vom Fass” translates to “from the barrel” and the store is built around the European tradition of sampling before purchasing.  What fun this place is! They have quite a number of wines to choose from, spirits in the barrel, and a myriad of interesting and unique liquours.  Tasting fees are nominal and the pours were generous.

Because of the liquor laws, the olive oils and vinegars are housed in an adjacent space with a separate entrance right next door.  These items can be sampled for free and patrons are able to bring their own glassware for refilling.

Being more interested in their wine offerings, we sampled from the following:



Ever since we went to Bordeaux, France, we cannot resist a Bordeaux wine. And one from Saint Emilion?  Even better!



From there we moved on to the Malbecs.  Another nice “go to” varietal.





We were very excited to find the Rose Hill Farm wines there.  Rose Hill Farm is a winery that is located in a dry county.  They can make the wine there, but they cannot serve it. Tasting opportunities are limited to festivals and events in which they participate. Although we have been to many of the wineries in Kentucky, this was one we hadn’t yet experienced.  Their wines tend to be on sweeter side.  Rambling Rose was a nice wine that would appeal to a variety of tastes.  Their Blueberry wine was some of the best blueberry wines we’ve tasted.  In our experience we’ve found that blueberry is a hard one to get right, but they certainly managed to do it!  Although we had been warned that it was out of stock, our hostess was gracious enough to still let us taste it so we could have the complete experience.

On this visit, we did not opt for any of the spirits or liquours, but we look forward to returning for future tastings and possibly some classes.

The oils and vinegars are another adventure all their own.  So many flavors from which to choose!

Every Sunday is “Sunday FUN Day”.  Special tastings on this day feature four wines paired with an appetizer plate as well as live music for $10.00.  Wine by the glass is always available and samples of the rest of their products are options as well.