It all started a few years ago when we discovered Butterfly Kiss wines.

Our obsession with pretty labels.

It’s become a Mom/Daughter tradition.  Whenever we run across a pretty label, we just have to buy it and save it for when we can sample it together.


HeirBloom not only wowed us with its label, it became one of our favorite go to wines.


Tarima was our next find.  Aary loved that it was from an organically certified vineyard.  It was quite tasty too and a repeat buy more than once.


When I ran across another variety of Tarima, I couldn’t resist it.  The beautiful passion flower qualified it for our “It’s Such a Pretty Label” series.  And the wine itself did not disappoint.


Our most recent sampling was another organic wine and another delicious find.

While it might not be terribly scientific, “It’s Such a Pretty Bottle” works for us. So far, we haven’t met a pretty wine we haven’t liked!