I had completed the Back Roads Wine Trail twice before but it had been a while.  My daughter, Aary, who has lived out of town pretty much from the time she left for college, had not, so as part of our travels on our Girls’ Day Out, we decided to make that part of our adventure.

Baker-Bird Winery was our first stop.  At first, the structure doesn’t seem terribly impressive.


However, as you stroll down the walkway to the entrance, you are greeted by a very interesting historic building.  Built in the 1860s, the walls of the stone structure are three feet thick.

Ours samples from this visit included:

  • Silver Swallow – a white blend of Vidal Blanc, Riesling, Cayuga White, Traminette and Vignoles
  • Ruby Hawk Rose – a blend of Cayuga White, Vidal Blanc, and Marchal Foch
  • Cabernet Franc
  • Black Barrel – a Cabernet aged in Bourbon Barrels
  • And one more new wine that wasn’t yet released, but we forgot what it was.

Naturalist Aary loved that so many of the wines were named after birds.  We were hungry so we also purchased a cheese tray to nibble on and complement the wines we were tasting.  We fell in love with the dilled havarti and will be on a mission to find it the next time we visit our international grocery store.


During our tasting we were treated to a tour of the building which included some of the history of the winery.  There’s nothing quite like the experience of standing in the middle of the wine cellar which is buried into the side of a hill and also served as a stronghold during the Civil War.


We learned why barrels are shaped as they are and even got to try our hand at barrel tipping.

Afterward, we were rewarded with one last generous pour and relaxed on the patio enjoying the unseasonably warm evening before sunset.

This was my best visit to Baker-Bird so far.  They have made a number of improvements and it made for an enjoyable well rounded winery experience. We look forward to going back.