Bushmaster surprised me by taking a day of vacation for Valentine’s Day.  We work opposite schedules, so having a day together is a real treat.  Tuesdays are usually flexible days for me, but thinking we weren’t going to have any plans because he would be working, I agreed to take notes at one of the city meetings.  I hadn’t told him because, well, I thought he’d be working.

His original intention was for us to take a day trip somewhere.  When I told him I had to work in the evening, he wasn’t concerned and told me we could pick a closer location so that we could be back in time for the meeting.


We decided on lunch at my absolute favorite restaurant, Oasis, and then a tasting at Black Barn Winery.  Black Barn is a small winery located in, you guessed it, a black barn. Winemaker, Collin Boyd, makes one varietal which is a bold dry red blend.  There are usually at least three vintages to sample. Collin studied wine making in Saint Emilion which is near and dear to our hearts from our trip to France.  A visit with Collin is always interesting and entertaining.


On this particular visit, not only did we get to enjoy great conversation and great wine, we also got to meet the newest member of the family, Hobie, a Welsh Pembroke Corgi.  Hobie was a smaller version of our Peanut and just as friendly and affectionate.  We learned that Hobie competes in Barn Hunt trials and is one of the top rated dogs in the area.  Collin extended an invitation to Peanut to come for a visit and find out if he might have a talent for this same activity.

Black Barn is appointment only for tastings, but will be participating in the McConnell Springs barrel tasting event where participants can stop by all day long.  While that is a great benefit to support, it’s not quite the same as a personalized tasting. Collin, his wine, and now Hobie, make a visit to Black Barn Winery a fun and memorable experience and one that should not be missed.