It had been two years since Aary and I had visited Purple Toad Winery so we were looking forward to returning.  While their wines are fairly easy to obtain through a number of retailers, it’s always more fun to be able to do a tasting at the winery.

Since my last visit, there were a number of new additions to their wine list. We weren’t limited to a certain number of tastings so we were able to taste as many as we liked.


We started out sampling a number of the dry wines:

  • Bourbon Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Cabernet Franc 2013
  • Cabernet Sauvignon 2013
  • Merlot 2015
  • Pino Noir 2013
  • Berry Dry

Hands down, the Bourbon Barrel Cabernet Sauvignon was our favorite of this group.


From there we moved into the Semi-Sweet and Sweet wines that dominate their tasting list.  Between the two of us, Aary and I sampled:

  • Black Currant
  • Cranberry
  • Killer B’s
  • Angela’s Black Cherry
  • Allen’s Blueberry
  • June’s Red Apple
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Black Strawberry
  • Hannah’s Black Honey
  • Paducah Harbor
  • Honey Kiss
  • Steven’s Strawberry

Purple Toad does such an amazing and creative job with their sweet and fruit wines. I couldn’t get over how true all the wines were to their fruits. Their Black Currant is one of the most decadent dessert wines I have ever experienced. Anything with strawberry was clearly strawberry in the nose as well as in the palate. My favorite was the Strawberry Lemonade.

While I normally prefer dry wines, my purchases here were five bottles of sweet to one dry.  Bushmaster was very surprised by my selections when I brought them home.  Once again, this tasting clearly illustrates the importance of trying everything.  Each wine is different and you could be missing out on some real treats.


As we left the vineyard, I couldn’t help but notice their grape vines. They were pruned very much in the style of what we saw in Bordeaux.  Short trunks with only two shoots. It seems they are taking some lessons from the French!