Not ready for our tasting adventure to end, we made one last stop at Bardwell Winery. Located in the historic Moon Buggy Factory, they feature a restaurant, craft beer, and wine.


We had already eaten, so we made our way to the small tasting bar.


Their website touts, “All of our wines come from the very best hand picked grapes and corked in house.”  We couldn’t argue with the “corked in house” part but the the Black Raspberry Merlot, Blueberry Pinot Noir, and Strawberry White Merlot by their names alone led our thoughts immediately to Island Mist Wine Kits.  A quick Google search later confirmed it.  Neither one of us voiced our thoughts to the other as we tried to keep an open mind during this tasting.

Our hostess was gracious enough and attentive to us as she poured and we appreciated her hospitality.  She wasn’t able to tell us much more about the wine beyond what was on the tasting list.  We found nearly all the wines to have that “kit essense” in the palate that has caused us to steer clear of any more kits in our own wine making.

With wine tasting on our minds, I neglected to inquire about the craft beers.

As for the restaurant, they had a diverse little menu with several nice sounding options. A number of people were enjoying dinner while we were there so possibly there is more to experience if we hadn’t had such full tummies.

Another day, perhaps.