Upon recommendation from Maura at Meranda-Nixon Winery, our next winery stop was Indian Spring.  We hadn’t been aware of this winery and as the afternoon was waning, we were happy to learn that they were open until 10:00 PM giving us plenty of time to enjoy another tasting.

Among the more traditional wines, were quite a number of unique options.  We tried them all!

  • Arrowhead White – Dry Riesling
  • Kamali (Burgandy Cap) – Dry Niagara
  • Renegade – A white blend aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels
  • Kamali (Gold Cap) – Traditional Niagara
  • Merlot
  • Arrowhead Red (Burgandy Cap) – Chambourcin
  • Weekend Warrior (Burgandy Cap) – Chambourcin aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels
  • Weekend Warrior (Gold Cap) – Semi-sweet Chambourcin aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels
  • Taquana Black – Semi-dry Concord aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels
  • Estate grown Blackberry (Burgandy cap) – Semi-dry Blackberry
  • Estate grown Blackberry (Gold cap) – Sweet Blackberry
  • Estate grown Strawberry – Sweet Strawberry
  • Koona – Mint wine
  • Mahcawte – Jalapeno wine
  • Melassi – Maple wine

Picking favorites here was difficult as so many topped our list.

Renegade was the first white we could recall tasting that had been aged in bourbon barrels and it definitely worked.

The Merlot was nicely balanced, and much to my liking, aged in wood.

Of course I loved the Chambourcins.

We were amazed with the Taquana Black, and as noted on the tasting list, it was “not your average concord”.  I am not a fan of most Concords as they come off to me more as Welch’s grape juice.  It was done semi-dry and the bourbon barrels nicely offset the typical foxiness of the Concord.  Neither of their Concords had that overpowering nose.

Their strawberry had a wonderful nose and flavor.  It was as close as you could get to fresh strawberries in a wine.  Simply delicious.

“Koona” which is Indian for “ice”, was a fantastic experience.  I would have never imagined a mint wine but I am glad they did.  What a refreshing and delicious treat!

“Mahcawte”, which is Indian for “fire”, took us to the other end of the spectrum. Bushmaster, who is not a fan of peppers or heat, opted out of this one, but I loved it.  It was recommended for cooking and while I am looking forward to experimenting with it, I also found it to be an enjoyable sipping wine.

They also had sangrias that they mix fresh daily.

  • Red Sangria – mixed berry
  • White Sangria – pineapple, orange, and Niagara
  • Mango Mint – mango and Koona
  • Mango Mint Jalapeno – mango, Koona, and Mahcawte

The Red Sangria was Bushmaster’s favorite while I preferred the Mango Mint. And after adding a splash of Mahcawte, it was out of this world delicious.

We happened to be visiting on Derby Day so as it got closer to race time, patrons began to funnel in.  Angela’s Curbside Cuisine also arrived to provide dinner options.  Bushmaster ordered the Pulled Pork Sandwich and ordered the Crispy Chicken Wrap.  We shared an order of Saratoga Chips.  Everything was so delicious.

Indian Spring features live music every Saturday evening and Angela’s is a staple there every Friday and Saturday evening.  They also host a Farm Market on Saturdays in the summer from 10 AM to 2 PM for local farmers and crafters.

A family and dog friendly establishment, we cannot wait to go back this summer with our own Classy Canines for another relaxing and enjoyable visit!