When we received our Vintage Kentucky 2017 Winery Guide, we were excited to see that someone had taken over the facility that used to be Acres of Land Winery. We had been saddened to learn the fate of Acres of Land as it was special to us. Our daughter is an EKU graduate and we had held her graduation party there.  Needless to say, we couldn’t wait to get back to see what was happening under the new ownership.



The building with its vaulted ceilings was as we remembered it. The decor was beautiful and inviting. I quickly snapped a few pictures to send to my daughter. She too was impressed with what she saw.


We settled into the comfortable upholstered chairs at the bar ready to sample their wines.


At this time, they only have two wines available, both of which are made by and bottled by In Town Winery in Louisville, Kentucky.

Chenault Red is a blend of Merlot and Chambourcin aged in Kentucky Bourbon Barrels. It was smooth with a slight sweetness, however we found it to be a bit too sweet for our palates. We also were disappointed that there wasn’t more bourbon or wood flavor.

Chenault White is a blend of Riesling and Vidal Blanc. Leaning more to the dry side, it was light and refreshing with a nice flavor and my preference of the two.


As we sat and talked with our hostess, we learned that the new owners were toiling away in the vineyards. The neglect of the vines during the years it was closed had taken quite a toll and they are now in the process of replanting the entire vineyard. This means that they are at least four years away from developing any estate wines. In the meantime they are concentrating on marketing their beautiful facility for weddings and special events. They are looking forward to reestablishing the cafe next month. We are hopeful that they will begin sourcing fruit and/or juice to produce wine in house rather than relying on a partnership with another winery. Done right, Chenault Vineyards has the potential to become a fantastic destination with lots to offer their customers. We’re keeping this one on our radar.