We would love to tell you about their wines but unfortunately, when we arrived we discovered they were closed for a private wedding.  We had checked their website the night before.  We couldn’t actually tell if the winery was open or not as there was no signage announcing the closing.  Wandering around amongst wedding guests to find a staff person was all kinds of awkward. There were none to be found.  We finally located a card with a phone number and called.  We were told that the announcement was posted on their Facebook page because they “didn’t know how to update the website.”

After the fact research revealed they have two different websites, neither of which indicated anything about closing or calling ahead.  The Facebook post was made at 10:30 AM the day of the event which was after we had left for our trip.  Prior to that, the previous posting was made on March 31st, and the one before that was dated January 1st. Clearly it isn’t only the websites that don’t get frequent updates.

One website shows 2 wines, the other shows 4.  The second website shows tastings are $10 per person which seems very hefty for such a short wine list.

After years of being closed because of a fire, we had been excited to hear that they had reopened.  Our experience was disappointing to say the least. Bushmaster thought perhaps we might receive a call back from them, but as of this posting, we are still waiting.

Lessons learned?  When planning a trip, do thorough searches to make sure there aren’t “hidden” websites and follow up by looking for a Facebook page. That should be enough, but just to be safe, make sure you call ahead.

5/31/2017 UPDATE:  Harkness Edwards reached out to us on Facebook and in our comments.  (See below.)

6/13/2017 UPDATE:  Our gift package received from Harkness Edwards:


Thank you so much! We have yet to sample the wine but will do so at a later date and review it at that time. We’re not sure when we will have the opportunity to revisit the winery as it is a bit of a drive from where we live.