Our day started out with us traveling down the Bourbon Trail.  We made our stops and did our tastings and we found that we still had time left in our day to visit a couple wineries before we headed home.

The last time we had visited Wight-Meyer was back when we first were contemplating making wine of our own.  We had shared some great conversation with wine maker and owner, Jim Wight.  Jim has studied wine making extensively and has mentored other wine makers.  Jim was not available this visit, but his wife, Sandy, was our gracious host as we sampled a number of their wonderful wines:

  • Kunzee’s Reserve Chambourcin
  • Kentucky Norton
  • Kentucky Zinthiana
  • Kentucky Crimson Cabernet
  • Silhouette Rosé – Zinthiana
  • Cabernet Doré
  • Dry Diamond
  • Vignoles
  • Diamond
  • Sassy B – Riesling and Raspberry blend
  • Buffalo Head Red – Sweet Concord aged 10 months in a bourbon barrel
  • Sweet Blackberry
  • Barrel Aged Blackberry

Of course I was thrilled with the Chambourcin and Norton, both of which were very true to the grapes and done so well.

We were both surprised at how well Bushmaster liked the peppery Zinthiana.

Crimson Cabernet and Cabernet Doré were firsts for both of us and two hybrids in which we have been very interested.  I did not find the Crimson Cabernet to be bold enough for me, but Bushmaster liked it quite well for its smoothness and fruitiness.

The Dry Diamond was our favorite of this tasting.  Normally done to the sweet side, this dry version was fantastic and so full of flavor.  We also tried the sweet version to compare but much preferred the dry.

The Vignoles came off with a lot of grapefruit in both the nose and flavor.  I also detected some apple.  It reminded us more of a Sauvignon Blanc.

Sassy B was an enjoyable Riesling with just a hint of Raspberry.  It was a really nice balance with just the right amount of Raspberry for flavor but not to overpower the wine.

Buffalo Head Red was just as described.  It was definitely Concord and definitely aged in a bourbon barrel.

Both Blackberries were absolutely delicious dessert wines.

As we left the winery, we couldn’t help but notice all the vines in bloom just outside the door.  They were picture perfect on such a beautiful day.  No doubt, Jim will be turning their fruit into something wonderful come harvest time!