During out original visit to Schoolyard Winery in June, we couldn’t help but overhear someone at one of the other tables mention “Petit Verdot”.  Not everyone knows about that varietal so I said to Bushmaster, “We need to meet these people.”  Bushmaster made his way over to their table while I stayed behind with our friends but soon he was motioning for me to come over.

Thus was our introduction to the Northern Kentucky Vintners group.  They welcomed us into their midst and we attended our first meeting in July.  One of our new friends, Dennis, mentioned to us that he was a representative for Mosti Mondiale which is a supplier of fresh juice and must kits.

Back in April, I posted that we had done our last wine kit.  Well that is what we thought. After a little bit of research we were intrigued.  It is quite labor intensive to deal with fresh grapes and it is also rather difficult to find a vineyard that is willing to supply juice to home wine makers.  We liked what we were learning about Mosti Mondiale.  We could get actual juice rather than concentrate.  And without all the chemicals and preservatives that plagued the kits that we had tried.

However, the proof was in the tasting!

Dennis graciously invited us to his cellar to sample his wines.  From Cabernet Sauvignon to Zinfandel, to Nebbiolo, to Amorosso, we tried them all.  And they were delicious!  We detected none of that “kit taste” that we’ve grown to abhor. We did not hesitate to select a kit from those he had on hand.


We never expected to obtain a Zinfandel but now we have one that will be going into primary fermentation later this week.

Then Dennis gave us a sample of the Port he has had underway for five years.  It was out of this world and rivals the Penfolds we love so much.


Of course we said, “Yes!” to that one too.

The hardest part is going to be all that waiting!