Heritage Wine Cellars was certainly an interesting looking facility. With a tremendous variety of wines to try (48 at our count), we were looking forward to sampling as many as we could.


Herding the Classy Canines to get them to pose for a photo turned out to be quite the challenge as they too were excited to get inside.

The rustic tasting room featured a large L shaped bar with a huge selection of wines.  Their tasting format was different from any winery we had been to before. Stacks of small plastic tasting cups were amply available and you poured your own samples. The free tasting was limited to seven samples. As per our norm, we each selected seven and then shared our samples with each other so that we could taste as many as possible. With so much to choose from, it was difficult to narrow down our choices.

  • Delilah Rose – Red blend of Isabella and Elvira – Both of these were new varietals to us, so of course we wanted to give them a try.
  • Pink Catawba – This wine was mild with very little tang.  We thought it would have been better cold. We found this to be the biggest draw back to the pour your own format. All the wines were served at room temperature.
  • Isabella – We found this solo version to be grapey and sweet.
  • Heritage Red – Red blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Fredonia – Once again we could not pass on the Fredonia. This blend came off sweet.
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Niagara – This was a very sweet version of the local grape.
  • Heritage White – Elvira – Another wine that we felt needed to be served cold. At room temperature, we did not detect a whole lot of anything going on.
  • Cayuga – Again, this needed to be cold. We could not find a lot of anything going on.
  • Almonderia – Almond dessert wine – This wine was very sweet and very much like the Amaretto liquour.
  • Kir – Blend of Currant and Blackberry.  Although it wasn’t, we thought it almost tasted fortified.
  • Winter Pear – Very sweet like pear candy, Bushmaster was completely enamored with this one.
  • X-Treme Elderberry – 100% Fortified Elderberry.  Surprisingly, this wine did not come off as overly sweet but had plenty of Elderberry flavor.
  • Flagship Red – Concord Port – Rightfully so, Heritage Wine Cellars is quite proud of this wine which received an International Double Gold Medal, the highest award in the competition.
  • Matt’s Mash – Grape Brandy – Very popular and very grapey, but we still preferred the Flagship Red.
  • Johnny’s Jack – Apple Port – A rather unusual port, this one had more appeal for me than it did Bushmaster.

We had a lot of fun at this tasting. The staff and winemaker were very helpful at guiding us to our last few samples based on our preferences.

The Classy Canines gave this winery a “paws up” rating as they got to share in the popcorn that was available for palate cleansing.