About Us


We’ve actually been Wineventuring for years.  We got serious about it in 2011 and in 2015, after a lot of research and contemplation, we began making our own wine.

It was this whimsical photo, posed and captured by our daughter that inspired our brand — Classy Canine Wines.


Meet the Classy Canines


Snickerdoodle is our pure bred Shih Tzu. We call him our “Total Shiht”. He turned 15 years old in October, but he doesn’t act it. He still thinks he is a puppy. He never hesitates to vocally express his canine opinions and can be quite the drama queen.


Brody is our rescue baby and came to us in 2011. He is part Jack Russell and part Shih Tzu. Once you’ve met him, you can claim that you do know “Jack Shiht”. He turned 7 years old in November and is very proud to be Snickerdoodle’s little minion.


Last but not least is Peanut our Welsh Pembroke Corgi.  He was a rescue who joined our family in January 2016.  We are not sure when his actual birthday is so we are just using his adoption date.  He was 4 years old this past January.  Peanut and Brody are the best of friends.  Since he has no Shih Tzu at all, we have dubbed him “I Shiht You Not”.

2015 wines - cropped



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